Deposit of Faith

Deposit of Faith

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Orthodox? I dont See Any Skulls or Serpents

You don't see them because you don't want to see them. Im sure youll have some great reason why they aren't what they look like.
on the bottom pic you can see a skull and crossbone on the cross the idolater is holding. The serpent is obvious on the top pic. Creepy religion. It oozes Satan.

Friday, October 17, 2014

My New Friends Bridgefin and Jeannie

Catholics dont bow befor graven images. You are lying and are a hater.

I come across all kinds of people in my travels. Catholics are the most deluded. "Oh , we dont use graven images" They have to say that. Otherwise they would have to say"Yes, we bow down befor graven images" That means their grandma and grampa and aunt Teresa and mary are all sitting up in hell because they died in that idolatrous religion. Now they have some big pow wow going on in the hopes to make their homosexual priest problem go away. The Vatican is acting like there are no homosexual priests and they might let homos go to heaven. hahahahaha. WTF? Most of their priests are homos. Who the hell are they kidding. Oh yes, the answer to that is their flock, like Jeannie and bridgefin. They have been fooled.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The cover ups continue

The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis said Thursday that it has contacted nearly 50 law enforcement agencies in the past two weeks to provide files on priests accused of child sexual abuse. However, none of 12 metro law enforcement agencies contacted by MPR News confirmed that the archdiocese had offered files to review.

 St. Paul Police Chief Thomas Smith criticized the archdiocese in December for not assisting police in their investigations of clergy sexual abuse. Victims of abuse and their attorneys have called for police to force the archdiocese to turn over thousands of files on priests accused of sexually abusing children. However, Smith and Ramsey County Attorney John Choi have said they do not have enough evidence to obtain search warrants.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


For almost a year ive been unable to get into my own site, for some cookie reason that i dont have the knowledge to correct. But im in again and my dear viewers will now be able to enjoy more hard hitting journalism. Thank you one and all.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hello, We are Homosexual Roman catholic Priests

A priest who helped found a gay ‘marriage’ advocacy group for Catholics has been suspended from distributing the sacraments or representing himself publicly as a cleric by his bishop.
The National Catholic Register reported Monday that Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles had spoken to Rev. Joseph Palacios, co-founder of Catholics for Equality, a small group created two years ago with strong connections to the Human Rights Campaign.
Palacios described the purpose of his outreach at Princeton University in February 2011, where he called the Church’s faithful the key target for effecting cultural shift in favor of homosexuality.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Proof That the Papacy is Anti Christ

This is the throne Satan will use first. He will rebuild the Temple and put his own throne in it.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

People Wrote the Bible, not God , Declairs the Faithful Catholic.

Well the reason we want you to say read the cathecism of the catholic church for e.g is because it makes so much sense. And you must be able to see the sense such as our reasons to believe in purgatory. People wrote the bible btw. Not God. How do you know those people were truly inspired? We know because the Catholic church says so.

How beautiful the faith of the devotee. The CC says so, so it must be true. Also, the catholic devotee belives man wrote the bible, not god. That explains why you can find catholics bowing befor graven images and repeating rote prayers, formula prayers, ordered by their priests. Lets take a look at catholic priests.

 For residents of Rome, the sight of courting priests is hardly an anomaly. The phenomenon is a well-known secret here, and one that was largely ignored until last weekend, when the Italian weekly magazine Panorama published a shocking exposé called “Le Notti Brave Dei Preti Gay,” or “Good Nights Out for Gay Priests.” Investigative journalist Carmelo Abbate spent 20 days undercover posing as the boyfriend of a man who ran in gay clerical circles, secretly videotaping the sexual escapades of three Rome-based priests. Abbate caught the priests on hidden camera dirty dancing at private parties and engaging in sex acts with male escorts on church property. He also caught them emerging from dark bedrooms in time to celebrate mass. In one postcoital scene, “Father Carlo” parades around seminaked, wearing only his clerical vestments. Abbate’s “date” even had sex with one of the priests to corroborate the story. “This is not about homosexuality,” Abbate, who is not gay, told NEWSWEEK. “This is about private vices and public virtues. This is about serious hypocrisy in the Catholic Church.”

From Newsweek

The Vatican’s Gay Priests

OOpps, wrong pic. Corapi likes females and cocaine and booze and fast cars and boats.And he got out of that idiotic religion and is livin the good life, with all that money he got from you catholic suckers.